Importance of Health Insurance And its Benefits

It is said that time has no confidence, you cannot say when, how it will turn. In such a situation, to save yourself and your family from the hour of trouble, it is necessary that you get your health insurance done. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and an individual or a group, in which we have to pay a premium to it as per the instructions of the company.

In today’s time, health insurance has become a necessity due to costly treatment. Nowadays, lakhs of rupees are spent in minutes for the smallest treatment. A person is healthy today and will not get sick tomorrow cannot be guaranteed. Nothing can be said about what will happen in the future. In such a situation, health insurance provides us with the necessary financial relief.

A person from five years to 75 years (age limit may vary slightly depending on the policy) can get his/her health insurance done. Health insurance scheme can be either private or it can be a group scheme which is provided to you by your company.

Many things are not covered in insurance till the time of taking the policy. But the cost of heart attack, stroke, injury, maternity emergency, damage to other parts of the body due to accident, medicine, etc. is covered by the policy.

Treatment of certain diseases is not covered in the first year of your policy. This list may vary from company to company.

First you need to understand the policy and know the common health insurance provisions. It is very important to know what your policy is covering and what you are paying for yourself.

A health insurance policy usually covers boarding, nursing and diagnostic expenses, including room rent for a hospital or nursing home, fees for surgeons, anesthetists, doctors, etc. Some policies pay a fixed cash amount for every day, in which you can get treatment at any hospital of your choice.

If you have been suffering from chronic illness for a long time, then the insurance policy may not cover that disease. Hospitalization expenses in the first 30 days of taking the policy are also not covered, except for accidental injury. It may also happen that some policies cover these after a limited lock-in period.

There are currently individual, family, group insurance schemes, senior citizen insurance schemes, long term health care and insurance cover plans available for specific diseases.

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