How to Build Your Health Insurance Portfolio?

The importance of health insurance has increased rapidly in the recent past. Corona epidemic has a big contribution in this. However, only a few people pay attention to buying an insurance policy according to the need. To build a comprehensive health insurance portfolio, solid planning and a deep understanding of the insurance products in the … Read more

What is Insurance, What are its Types?

Insurance is an effective tool to deal with the possibility of loss in future. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we try to cover the possible loss in future through an insurance policy. Insurance means protection against risk. If an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company will compensate the … Read more

How to Make an Insurance Claim?

Planned management of future risk or damage is called insurance or insurance. Insurance or insurance is a means of protection against financial loss, mainly used to hedge against the risk of an accidental or uncertain loss. Friends, through the post, we will know the complete information about the insurance claim process in detail and also … Read more

How Many Types of Insurance and Benefits

Insurance means insurance, a cornerstone of financial planning in which you, your dependents and your assets are protected against financial loss due to future untoward event or circumstance, through this blog post we will discuss in detail how much insurance What are the types? Will throw light about insurance ke prakar. The concept of insurance … Read more

Importance of Health Insurance And its Benefits

It is said that time has no confidence, you cannot say when, how it will turn. In such a situation, to save yourself and your family from the hour of trouble, it is necessary that you get your health insurance done. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and an individual … Read more